Saving and securing your business

Network Restorers is a group of independent local companies acting together to service the needs of insurance customers nationally. Network Restorers provides one single point of contact, billing, job tracking and dispute resolution.

Network Restorers makes use of an advanced web based workflow management tool to manage claims. Claims are submitted online and are assigned to local contractors instantly. Local contractors are then notified of the claim by SMS and email and are able to respond immediately. Network Restorers may be engaged directly by the insurer (via call centre) or by any assessor or broker acting on behalf of the insurer.

Audits are performed on each job before processing and invoicing. A compliance database is maintained to ensure that contractors meet specific requirements regarding training standards, as well as public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Water Damage

Extreme weather is a constant issue faced in Australia and with summer storms and cities based around coastal areas this often leads to flooding of suburbs, homes and businesses. Major water damage can also be caused by burst pipes or overflowing sinks and remaining undiscovered can lead to further health issues for occupants, disruptions for businesses and homes as well as serious threats to affected contents and structures. Network Restorers ensures immediate responses to help mitigate loss and lessen the damage to affected areas.

Fire Damage Clean-up And Restoration

The acidic soot that is produced when fires are extinguished as well as subsequent water damage from emergency services can drastically affect occupants and items in a home or business. Network Restorers rapid response, advanced processes and expertise can help rescue affected items and avoid high costs and lead time for replacement. After the building is secured, Network Restorers will attend to control the conditions, begin the clean-up and start restoration on affected items that are deemed restorable.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms in Australia are unpredictable and frequent with Australia’s sub-tropical climate. Mother Nature can drastically inflict severe damage to homes and businesses and Network Restorers ensures quick response times to make certain that damage is lessen and that properties are secure. Network Assist’s First Response Agreement can minimise this pain by ensuring immediate and professional response to secure and protect your livelihood.

Document and Data Restoration

Vacuum Freeze Drying and Heat Pump Dehumidification are some of the leading industry methods for document and data recovery. Important documents and records can be brought back to life in the safest manner possible. We can also offer high quality image scanning and data restoration & retention for sensitive information.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Our goal is to return occupants to their home or businesses in a quickly and efficient manner and Network Restorers can assist with inventorying, pack outs, cleaning and storage. These services are essential to those that have been affected by extreme weather events or devastating damage and can help return occupants to their homes or work places in a quick and efficient manner.